Mini FAQ
1. Your purchase will be done through WM's Magical Game Factory, the official online shop of WaterMelon. The international shipping is FREE. Items are shipped from either France or USA depending on stock and your address. Payments are made with PayPal or Credit/Debit card through PayPal. NEW: We also stock the game at Amazon and also a few friend's shops. Click on the purchase button for more details!
2. The Mega Drive/Genesis game cartridge is compatible with any original Mega Drive/Genesis game system (PAL or NTSC). The game is in English. The instruction manual is in English with smaller sections with Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
3. BITS stands for "Build It Thyself Series", the new super collectible package by WaterMelon aimed to limited releases. BITS Raw package contains everything but a clamshell case needed to assemble your own game package, matching the other Mega Drive/Genesis games in your collection. We also offer a limited BITS edition in full clamshell box and with extra goodies! Watch out, more BITS releases to come soon!
Still have questions? Visit the WM's Magical Game Factory FAQ. page here or contact the support here.
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